• On the Internet, there are no limits
  • On the Internet, there are no limits

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Live Chat Works is a very simple live help system that utilizes text messaging. The Live Chat Works video below shows how you can benefit by adding a live chat solution to your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my service on more than 1 domain?
Yes, you can add your “Live Chat” icon on any of your web properties as long as you are able to add a snippet of code. (Some extra work might be required, depending on what web property you have.)

Do I have to download any software?
Live Chat Works was designed to be used with your cell phone or other text enabled devices, therefore eliminating the need for any software downloads.

Do I have to have a “Smart Phone”?
No, Live Chat Works uses text messaging, so as long as your phone can send and receive text messages, you can use Live Chat Works.

Are there any hidden fees or charges that we should be aware of?
No, You will only be charged for the service plan that you choose. Period!

How can you offer this service so cheap?
We wanted to make it easy and affordable for the small business community to have this service and made a conscious business decision to offer it a the lowest possible price to help fellow small business owners.

In addition, we are our own programmers which allows us to control costs and deliver higher value packages at affordable prices.

Is Live Chat Works inferior to other similar services?
We don’t think so, but that is something only you could decide. Most services offer only a desktop version and require you to have an active operator on call. Our service utilizes the text messaging technology which allows you more freedom to be where you want to be and not be tied to a computer all day.

As small business owners, we needed a system that gave us more freedom and was portable at the same time. We did not have the time or resources needed to man a traditional live chat system. Text messaging was the obvious answer to our problem.

What exactly does a ‘chat session’ mean? How do you define a chat session?
We get this question a lot. A chat session by our definition is when your client or visitor initiates a live chat on your domain. We don’t monitor how many times they press the send button, and we don’t monitor how many times you respond to them.

We do, however, log the chat in your account, so that you can review them for later use. This makes it great for training purposes, information gathering and product development purposes.

What do you mean by “Up to 5 Operators & Multiple Departments”?
Great question! Each account has to have a cell phone number associated with it to begin with. This is also known as an operator, or an agent.

We allow you to have up to 5 operators for your domain. Each of these operators can also be associated with multiple departments. Departments are usually like sales, support, billing or anything else that you feel you need.

You can add as many departments as needed for your site.

Will I get bombarded with chat sessions when I’m asleep at night?
That depends on how you set up your account. Each operator can have a set time frame that they will be available, or the time frame can be set to ‘always on’.

You have full control over the availability of all operators in your account.

Can I add my own picture for personalization?
Yes, each of your operators can have their own picture if you like, but it is not required.

Can I choose a different live chat icon?
Yes, we currently have 6 live chat icons to choose from.

Will it work without Java?
No, the clients browser must must have Java enabled.

Is live chat available on my website 24/7?
That depends on how you set it up in your ‘my account’ page. Typically, your site will show the live chat icon at all times, but if your operator is set to ‘away’, your clients will be forwarded to a simple ‘contact us’ page.

There they can leave their email and message for you. The messages will be delivered to your inbox.

Can I use Live Chat Works on my blog?
Absolutely, Live Chat Works will work on any webpage, just copy the codes that we provide and paste the code into your webpage and you are ready to go.

What happens if I don’t respond to a client?
Nothing, but you might lose your customer by avoiding them. You can customize the hours when you want to be contacted, if the client contacts you outside of those hours, they are sent to the leave contact info page.

What happens to the chat if it is flagged as unavailable?
The clients info will be emailed to you if they submit it.