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As a small businessman every decision you make is made to improve your business or improve your customer’s experience with your business. This includes the various ways a customer can contact you such as email, the telephone, a physical address, and live chat software. With most of these options, however, the benefits are limited for you, the customer, or both. With email the response time is too slow. Phone conversations are too often put on hold, or the customer isn’t comfortable making them. Your customers can’t always visit you at a physical address, and for most live chat software programs to work, you have to be chained to a computer. Live Chat Works is different. It’s easy and convenient for both you and the customer, and it has additional extra features that make your experience with live chat even better.

For you, the biggest benefit of Live Chat Works is that it is mobile. This point can’t be stressed enough. You can go anywhere, be anywhere, and still receive your messages, as long as you have a phone signal. You do not have to be tied to a computer screen using this online chat program. Other benefits for you include a log of all the conversations you’ve had with customers, as well as customizable chat windows and a customizable graphic. When implemented properly, the log can be used as market research. You can use it to learn what need your customers are looking to have filled, and then fill it.

For your customers, the benefits are there as well. First and foremost, they have the option to get an immediate answer without having to use the telephone. This is what they’re going to be using your live chat software services for. As an added bonus, customers can have the transcript of their conversations with you sent right to them in their email. Neither of you have to strain to remember what was said or decided on because you can both have tangible copies. Customers will also have the option to print their live chat software conversation. Again, this is helpful if either of you need to reference what was said or agreed on.

Customer service is the lifeblood of any small business, but it doesn’t have to be the challenge that it often is for some companies. With Live Chat Works, providing excellent customer service is simple. It just becomes part of your day. Answering texts and having on-the-go text conversations are part of your day anyway. Live Chat Works just incorporates a new benefit to a service you already use.

live chat software
Let’s talk about customer service for a minute and all the ways customers have of contacting you. First, there’s email. This is a great service, but there’s usually a lag between the time the contact was made to the time the problem was resolved. Then there’s the telephone, which can give the customer direct contact to you, though in most situations the customer is put on hold. There’s also live chat, which is great in theory, but in most situations is not great in application. Why? Because somebody has to be glued to a screen in order for the instant contact to work. Of course, that’s with most live chat software programs. Not with this one. Live Chat Works solves the problem of the computer screen, while simultaneously saving you money. Let’s explore it, shall we?

With most online chat programs the customer contacts you or a member of your team through instant messaging boxes on both ends. These conversations have to take place on a computer, which means either you stay close to the computer so you can participate in them, or you pay somebody else to monitor the conversations for you. Neither of those options work to your benefit. With the first, you’re limited in what you can do. With the second, you’re paying an unnecessary expense. Live Chat Works works a little differently than most programs. The conversations go to your phone as a text message, which means you can receive and answer them anywhere. They are on the go, just like you.

Unlike most live chat software services, this service actually saves you money. The monthly expenses are low and because the program is mobile, it saves you the cost of having to pay somebody an hourly rate to monitor your incoming queries. Of course, you could save yourself money by monitoring your instant messaging chat service yourself, but then you’d be limiting what you can do in your valuable time. Either way, you lose money. The mobile option is definitely the better option.

Live Chat Works doesn’t only save you money, it is a live chat software program that actually makes you money. How many times have you seen a business lose customers because they didn’t have decent customer service, because the customer couldn’t contact anybody for an answer to his question? It happens all the time. Because this live chat spoftware program is mobile, that problem is solved. Now, you always have somebody available to help your customer’s when they need it. You always have the opportunity to make the sale.

Live Chat Works is the way to go if you’re looking for a better customer contact option. It’s affordable, it’s designed to make your business better, and it works. Why not see what it can do for you?

Live Chat Works now has the ability to move chats from your cell phone to your desktop.

When a chat session begins, you will receive notification on your cell phone as usual.

You can just reply from your cell phone or if you are by a computer, you can transfer the chat session to your computer. See below.

How to transfer the chat to your computer:

At anytime during a chat session, login to your Live Chat Works account.

On your “My Account Page” click the link that says “Move An Active Chat To Desktop”.

You will be presented with a list of all your recent chats (last 20 minutes). Click the conversation you want to move to your desktop.

The conversation is now opened on your desktop and you can respond to your client.

If you have to be mobile again, click the link to transfer the conversation back to your cell phone.

That’s it!

No special software to download and no worries about compatibility with your system.

live chatAdding live chat software to your website and being able to respond from anywhere is now a reality.

Would you like to be able to be available to your customers whenever they need you without having to constantly check your email, give them your personal phone number, or wait by a computer screen for an instant messaging box to pop up? Guess what! Customer service isn’t limited anymore to computer screens and telephone calls. Now, with Live Chat Works, you can offer your customers live chat services that go with you where you go.

As a business owner, you already know the value of great customer service. Part of that service is being accessible. With a live chat customer support program you can be available to your customer wherever you are, no matter what you are doing. This doesn’t mean they can reach you anytime, day or night, midnight or noon. You can choose the time slots where you’re available to be reached, such as from 8 in the morning to 10 in the evening. Once you’ve decided the time, however, you’re free to go wherever you need to because your live chat service goes with you.

Live Chat Works doesn’t operate like the typical free live chat software that people install on their websites. Those programs operate using instant messaging or computer to computer communication. Live Chat Works operates using your cell phone’s built in text messaging system. When a customer opens up a chat box on their computer, the message comes to you as a text. You can then respond, opening up communication with the customer. They receive your correspondence through the instant messaging box on their computer screen. They never see your phone number. They don’t even know you’re texting them. Your privacy is retained, but their questions are answered.

Think of the benefits you can gain from a customer service option that is completely mobile. You can close deals at the grocery store. You can help your customers while you’re at lunch. You can be at the office, at home, celebrating your previous sale, at a party, volunteering at your kid’s school, getting ready for a date, and on and on and on. It’s up to you, but with Live Chat Works, you have that choice.

The world is mobile. It’s not a viable option to be stuck in one place anymore. Everybody and everything is on the go, moving forward, changing, growing, and expanding. Don’t slow yourself down by limited your mobility. Add this live chat software to your website. You’ll love the mobility and your customers will appreciate the availability. Both of you win.

live chat softwareNever underestimate the power of your live chat software logs!

When a customer clicks on the contact link button on your website, they’re given one of two options. One, they can email you. Two, they can give you a phone call. With email they have to wait hours or days for an answer. With the telephone, they’re more than likely going to be put on hold. Unless they’re desperate, most customers would rather avoid both of these options completely. They want a fast, get-the-answer-now option. Live Chat Works is that option. While instant contact is the best feature of this live chat software, it is by no means the only feature.

With live online chat programs you have a conversation with the customer through an instant messaging chat box, and then when you’re done the boxes disappear on both ends and you lose the conversation. This is fine. You took care of the customer’s problem, so you don’t need the conversation, right? Well, not so much. There will be times when you’ll need to reference that conversation. Of course, you can’t do that if it’s not there. Live Chat Works saves the conversations for you. This live chat software program keeps conversation logs of the interaction you’ve had with customers. The logs record time and dates, as well as the conversations themselves. When you need them for future reference, they’ll be there.

Conversation logs can be beneficial for more than just remembering in the future what was said or decided upon. Live Chat Works conversation logs can be used as market research for upcoming products, or even a place to go to see what your customer’s are looking for and whether or not you can give it to them. The customer will be contacting you with information on what he needs. When you start to see a pattern, you know you’ve found a new product or change to a product you need to be implementing. With smart use, these live chat software conversation logs can improve your business and boost your sales.

live chat softwareWhy any business owner wouldn’t use a live chat software solution is a question that the some of us will never understand.

As a business owner you know the value of connecting with, and being accessible to, your customers; your availability can often mean the difference between a sale that’s made and a sale that falls through. For your business you already use email, social networking sites, and the good old telephone to connect with your customers. Now, there’s another method that you can use to increase your availability even more…live chat.

Live chat software services give your customer the option to reach you quickly without having to make a telephone call – which usually ends up with the customer on hold – or send an email and wait for a response. These programs work using instant messaging. The customer contacts you through your instant messaging link, you get a pop up on our computer screen, and then you send back a quick response. Since your customers can reach you quickly and get their questions answered, they’re more likely to buy the service or product you are offering.

Of course, in order for most live chat software services to work to your benefit you have to have somebody constantly monitoring your incoming instant messages, otherwise you can’t serve the customer as quickly as possible. This means you are either tied to a desk all day, or you hire somebody to monitor the desk for you. This is an obvious downfall of most of these customer support programs, but it’s a downfall that has a simple solution: Avoid any chat services that require you to monitor the incoming messages through your computer. Use Live Chat Works.

Live Chat Works is the best live chat software for small businesses available, in our opinion. It uses the concept these other chat programs use but it takes the genius a step further. Instead of receiving messages in an instant messaging box on your computer, the message comes to you through your phone as a text. When you respond to the messages, the customer receives it in an instant messaging box that he’s opened up on his computer. He doesn’t see your phone number. He doesn’t know that you’re probably out at the grocery store. And he doesn’t care. His questions get answered and you keep a customer happy. You both win.

Live chat software was designed to make you accessible to the customer. Unfortunately, because you have to be tied to a desk, it also makes you inaccessible to everything else. That’s not the case anymore. Now, using a live chat software like Live Chat Works, your messages can go with you where you go.

live chat softwareAdding a live chat software solution means you can answer your customers questions before it’s too late!

When a customer comes to your website and they have a question, if they can’t get an answer fast enough, they’ll leave. They’ll find a website that has what they’re looking for without the hassle of getting questions answered. As a result, you lose a potential sale and recurring customer. You don’t want to lose customers because your service options are limited. Instead, use Live Chat Works on your website. This program makes it easy for customers to get their questions answered, and it increases sales for you because they’re finding exactly what they need.

Live chat software services use the concept of instant messaging to open up a way for customers to get their questions answered quickly. Unfortunately with most of these services the communication has to be from computer to computer, which means you or somebody on your staff has to constantly monitor the computer for a potential customer question. If you happen to miss an IM or you take too long to answer, you lose the customer and the sale.

Live Chat Works is different than other live chat applications because it makes it possible for your customer to communicate with you from their computer directly to your phone. You don’t have to monitor a computer waiting for a question. Instead, you get to go about your day and if a customer needs you, the question comes to you as a text. What this does for the customer is make you more accessible. What it does for you is increase your sales.

So the next question to ask is how does this particular live chat software increase your sales? Obviously it won’t make it so the customer buys a product or service simply because he was able to contact you. But when the customer can get his questions answered he’ll feel good about the product, he’ll know exactly what he’s getting, and he’s more likely to buy. Also, by being able to communicate directly with you it opens up the option for the two of you to work out a more personalized product or service. He may need what you’re offering but in a different color or format, something that’s easily changed. You make the simple change for him and you make the sale. Without direct contact you wouldn’t have been able to work that out.

Live Chat Works is just another option for the customer to contact you, but it’s faster and easier than telephones and email. Nobody likes to sit on hold, and it can take hours or even days to get an email response. By that time the customer has moved on. Try it on your website. You’ll be glad you added a good live chat software solution.

live chat softwareWhat is the most important part of running a small business and how does live chat affect it? Here’s a hint. It isn’t the product offered and it isn’t the location. If your guess was customer service, then you were exactly right. Great customer service draws people in. Poor customer service sends them running for the back button on the browser, looking for a better site to shop at. Part of great customer service is being available when the customer needs you. People want their questions answered now, not when you get around to checking your email. And they never want to make a call and get stuck on hold. That being said, it’s not always possible to be available all the time… or is it?

With Live Chat Works, it is!

Live Chat Works is the new way to be available to your customers while still maintaining the freedom and flexibility of your busy life. Rather than using traditional methods of contacting you, such as email and the telephone, your customers can send you a message, through a link on your website, which goes directly to your phone. You get a text message and send a reply. They get the answer through an open window on their computer. Both of you are happy.

Live Chat Works isn’t the only live help software out there, but it is the best for small businesses, in our opinion. With most of the available live chat software services you aren’t given the option to receive the queries on your phone, unless you have a “smart phone”. You have to monitor your email yourself or pay somebody to be a customer service support representative – basically a person who stares at a screen all day waiting for a query. It’s a boring job for them and a waste of money for you.

The benefits to you that will come from adding a live chat software to your website can be huge. First off, the customer is happy, which means you’re happy. Second, and even better than the first, a happy customer spreads the word about what made him happy. When he talks about where he got that amazing new item he’ll mention the awesome customer service. Word of mouth leads to more customers, which leads to more products sold, which leads to a happier you! It’s a win-win for everybody. Adding live chat software for customer support to your website is affordable and simple, and both you and your customers will be happy you did.

live chatCustomer service is one of the main components to a successful small business venture and a live chat solution can help you with that. You can’t have a successful business if you don’t have good customer service, and to have that kind of service you have to be available for the customer to contact you. That’s where the challenge comes in. As a small business owner your valuable time is already occupied with keeping the business running at its full potential. Sitting down to a desk or a phone so you can have good customer service isn’t a feasible option. What you need is a mobile solution, one that comes with you wherever you go. Live Chat Works is the solution you’re seeking.

Live chat software services are not a new concept in the area of customer service. With most programs, however, you are chained to a desk watching a computer screen waiting for a customer to contact you for help. It’s a waste of time and a waste of money. Live Chat Works is an online chat option that gives you the ability to be available to the customer through your mobile phone. You can be on the go, doing everything you need, and you’re still available for the customer.

Now, you don’t want to give all your customers your mobile phone number, so you’re probably wondering how this program works. With Live Chat Works you add the program to your website, creating a link for the customer to contact you. When they do they see a box, similar to an instant messaging box, pop up. When they ask their question it goes to your mobile phone as a text, which you can then answer through text. They never see your number. They don’t even know you’re answering through your phone. Your privacy is retained and their questions are taken care of.

Live Chat Works is also mobile for you. If you switch websites, you simply copy the code and take the program with you. It goes where you go; you don’t have to leave your best customer service support option behind.

Why tie yourself to a phone or chain yourself to a desk when other more mobile options are available? Try Live Chat Works today, give it a test run. You’ll find that you love the freedom it gives you and your customers will love that you’re accessible to them. No waiting on hold, no waiting for an email, just a quick answer to their questions and a simple solution to your needs. Live chat software is a win-win for both of you.

live chatAlthough you can choose from different live chat icons, sometimes you may want to use a custom image as your live chat icon.

You can also use this tutorial to add the Live Chat Works code to your website even if you are using one of the provided images, the steps are the same. You just need to skip that part about replacing the URL in the code snippet to your URL.

Precise instructions on where to add the code inside your website is outside the scope of this tutorial, and will vary depending on what platform you are using for your website. For this tutorial we will only be focusing on changing the live help icon to a custom image.

Watch the below video to see how it’s done. After the video, there are written instructions if you prefer to read how to customize your live help software image.

Login to your Live Chat Works account. From your account page, you will see a link labeled “Get Link Code”. Click this link to get to your personalize HTML code for your website.

Here you will see a list of live chat icons to use on your website. Even though you are going to use a custom image, we are going to grab the code using one of the pictures provided by Live Chat Works, and modify the part that specifies what image file to use.

You will need to decide if you want your website visitor to choose the department or if you want the user to connect directly to a particular department. If you only have one department set up in your account, then it doesn’t matter what option you choose. Live Chat Works will not show the “Choose Department” option to your website visitor if there is only one department.

Check the appropriate radio button and click “Get Code”.

A new window will pop up with the code you are needing. Depending on whether or not your website allows you to add java script or just HTML, choose the appropriate code. The change we are going to do works the same on both pieces of code.

Copy this code to your website where you want your live chat icon to appear.

Inside the code snippet, find the below text.
img src=””

Now replace the URL inside the quotes to the URL of the custom image you want to use. It should look something like this:

img src=””

This should now show a live chat image that is the perfect match to your website’s theme.

live chat software

Before you add a live chat software to your website, you should consider a few things, especially if you are a small business.

Most live help customer support software systems require you to be at a computer in order to respond to your customers live chat software requests. This can be a huge factor in deciding if a chat service will actually work for your company.

Like most small businesses, you just don’t have the monetary resources to hire someone to sit a computer all day, just to reply to your live support requests. While it’s true that some systems do have “smart phone” apps, that requires you to obviously own a smart phone with either the Android operating system or the Iphone.

The solution here is to use a live help software for websites that uses text messaging. With a text message based live chat software program, you can offer a high level of customer support without the cost of hiring an agent.

You can reply to your website visitors right from your cell phone with a text message, even while you are enjoying a cup of coffee or out in your warehouse preparing orders to ship.

With a text based system, you can save a large amount of money when you consider the cost to pay someone $10 per hour for 40 hours per week. That amounts to a huge savings.

Plus, you get the benefit of increased customer service, and if you close more sales, you even make more money. More sales equals more money, and that is why you are in business, right?

Also, consider a live chat customer service software that allows you to have multiple operators. Most systems charge a fee for any additional operators. If you choose one that gives you multiple support agents, you can have yourself and your business partner handle the chat requests to balance your workload without having to pay additional fees.

Another benefit of a text message based system is that you can offer customer service well beyond your normal hours of operation. Lets face it, nowadays with the internet, people shop later in the evening. If you close your store at 6:00 PM your website is live 24 hours.

If your customer has a question after your closing time, they are essentially out of luck. With a portable live website chat program, you can set your account to accept chat requests up to the point you go to bed.

This way, you can still help make sales later into the evening before your website visitor leaves your site and buys from your competitor.

And since it’s so easy to respond, you can respond while you are relaxing in front of the television for the evening.

With all the benefits of a portable live chat software system, you should really consider Live Chat Works, the original text message based live support system for your small business.

live chat

Live Chat software on your website can be the difference between your website visitors buying your products or leaving your site!

Have you ever considered what it’s like for a customer to purchase from your website, and the effect that a live chat service would have on that customers decision to buy?

Let’s imagine you as one of your website customers.

It’s 8:35 PM and you finally get your house settled and you have a few free minutes before you have to get your kids ready for bed and preparing their lunch for the next day.

You decide to go online and buy yourself a new pair of shoes. You sit down, do a web search and find a site that sells shoes. You find that perfect pair. Just the right color and the exact style that will make you look great.

Now the big question, do they have it in my size? You look around the site but you don’t see anywhere on the page if they have your size 7 in stock.

You are faced with 3 options, pick up the phone and call them and hopefully get a live person, send them an email and ask if they have size 7, or simple so another search and go to another website that will show stock status of the shoes.

Most buyers would choose the option to head to another website. It’s the easiest.

Now let’s consider if you had a fourth option. A live chat option.

Since you have already invested the time into finding the color and style that you wanted, it would be so much easier if you could just ask the website owner if they have the size you need. If you browse to another website, you will have to look around the other website to see if they even have the one you want.

So lets continue our imaginary website experience…

You see the live chat icon and click it. You ask the agent if they have that particular size in stock. The operator can check stock on their end and reply assuredly “yes”.

You pull out your credit card and buy the shoes. You are happy because you found what you wanted in the few minutes of free time that you had available and the website owner is happy because they made a sale.

Most likely, the impression that you have of the website you just ordered your shoes form is very good. You would probably tell your friends to buy from that site too if the occasion came up that your friend was looking for a pair of shoes.

So when you are ready to improve your customer’s experience on your website and help increase your sales, add a live chat solution like Live Chat Works because it is designed for small business and is completely mobile.


I helped my website customer while I was sitting at my dad’s house having a cup coffee…My customer stated “Your customer service is stellar.”

Thank you for creating a service that just makes sense.

“We Love It… This System Is Completely Portable!”