• On the Internet, there are no limits
  • On the Internet, there are no limits

Topic 7: The Best Way to Backup Data


Backing up our computer data is something almost everyone will see the value in. But how many of us actually do it? The answer is not enough. Each year, many companies and individuals pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars trying to recover files that they lost.

Part of the reason so few of us backup our data is because of the hassle involved. Normally you'd have to purchase a backup hard drive, then create a schedule for backing up data. But life gets in the way, and inevitably, we forget to do backups from time to time. And when something unfortunate happens, we therefore end up losing more data than we had anticipated.

The solution is to automate backups completely by using software like Carbonite. This way, all you need to do is set up the program once. It is literally set and forget. Once it's installed, Carbonite will run in the background and it will regularly backup files for you. What's more, the files that are backed up aren't even stored on a second hard drive. Instead, it is stored on cloud servers located in different locations.

Restoring files can be done quite quickly as well. If you use Carbonite just once, you will be pleased to see that the program is quite easy to use. But you don't have to take my word. You can download a Carbonite free trial and use the program for 15 days free. In addition, the site currently offers a Carbonite offer code for 30% off. Using this coupon, your annual fee for using this program is just under $60 for a single computer. That's less than $5 a month, and you'll definitely be thanking yourself later if you sign up.