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Topic 3: The Easiest Ways to Get Your 5 Servings of Veggies

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In my last post, I discussed how you can use e-cigarettes to quit smoking. While quitting smoking may be the number one thing you can do to become more healthy, you must also make sure you eat enough fruits and veggies. And that will be the topic I'll be talking about today.

You've probably heard for a while that you should be getting 5 servings of fruits or veggies every day. This may seem like a lot, and may require a bit of planning. But if you follow a few easy guidelines and tips, 5 servings is definitely doable.

The first thing to do is make sure you know what all the fruits and vegetables are. You probably get a few veggies already without even being totally aware of it. For example, potatoes count as veggies. That means that fries could technically count as a serving of veggies. With that said, you want to avoid fatty foods, so fries are probably the worst type of veggies you can have.

Here are some ways to raise your veggie intakes:

1. Drink low-sodium V8
Each 8 ounce service of V8 counts as 2 servings, so drinking a glass every morning is one really easy way to raise your intake of vegetables.

2. Substitute a salad for fries or chips
At most fast food places like Subway or Burger King, your typical side is either fries or chips. While both may technically qualify as veggies, you should substitute such items for a salad with low fat dressing.

3. Snack on fruits or veggies
Get into the habit of using fruits or veggies as snacks. One healthy snack I like are carrots or celery dipped in Greek yogurt sauce.

There's a good chance you won't be able to squeeze in 5 servings each and every day. A good solution for me has been to take multivitamins to make sure my bases are covered either way. With multivitamins, you defintiely get what you pay for. The cheaper ones found at drug stores do not provide enough punch in my opinion. For higher potency vitamins, I definitely recommend buying supplements online at well-respected supplement stores like Pureformulas. I like this particular online store because there are many online coupons Pureformulas promo codes, and they also allow you to get free shipping on all orders you place, no matter how small.