• On the Internet, there are no limits
  • On the Internet, there are no limits

Topic 2: Facts About E-cigarettes

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Today, I'd like to discuss a bit about e-cigarettes, which are become widely popular not just in the United States, but worldwide. In fact, they first gained popularity in Asian countries like China before gaining acceptance in the United States. Nowadays, I see people with e-cigarettes almost every day.

E-cigarettes work electronically, and usually comprise a battery and a cartridge containing liquid. When a user draws on the device, the liquid is vaporized and inhaled. Since the liquid contains flavoring and nicotine, e-cigarettes can be used by people who want to quit smoking. And more so than other smoking cessation tools, ex-smokers have success sticking with e-cigarettes, because the experience in many ways mimics the experience of smoking.

You can buy e-cigarettes at convenience stores and vape shops, which are sprouting up in neighborhoods everywhere. But my favorite way to purchase e-cigarettes is online. It's important to realize that many popular brands of e-cigarettes, such as White Cloud and Halo, are usually online found on the Internet.

It's even more important to look online for e-cigarette juice, commonly called e-liquids or e-juice. While it is true that you can purchase a good number of flavors at convenience stores, any selection you find at a physical store will pale in comparison to the selection you find online. More importantly, when you purchase e-juice online, you are able to tweak almost every aspect of the e-liquid, such as how strong the nicotine and flavoring will be.

Prices for e-cigarettes are less than the price for regular packs of cigarettes. The main benefit of E-cigarettes, in my opinion, is that it is less harmful for your health, and less dangerous as well. Since you are not burning anything, there is no risk of starting fires or accidentally ruining furniture. Overall, I now prefer e-cigarettes over regular cigarettes, and urge you to give them a shot if you are trying to quit smoking.

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