Live Chat Software For Small Businesses

You have more important things to do than just sit around waiting for chat request from your website.

Now you can offer real-time help to your website vistitors from the mobility of your cell phone, and not pay a fortune to do it.


A Truly Mobile Live Chat Solution

When your website visitor starts a chat session, their questions are delivered to your cell phone via text message. Your response is delivered to your customer’s computer screen, in real-time.

With Instant Live Help, you are free to do what you want, while still offering superior customer service to your website visitors.


Increases Sales With Live Chat

By offering your customers real-time help when they need it, you make them feel safe dealing with you. People who can get their questions answered fast are more likely to buy.

With Live Help solutions becoming more and more popular, buyers are naturally looking for a “Chat Now” option when they have questions.


Simple Copy/Paste Code To Install

Installs on your website in seconds with simple cut and paste code that we provide.

Choose from a variety of professional looking live chat online icons.



Up to 5 Operators & Multiple Departments

Multiple support agents is a great way to lighten the load of chat request on a single person.

You can also assign multiple support agents to each department.

All at no extra charge!


Conversation Logs

All conversations are logged, allowing you to review conversations later.

Reviewing conversation logs is a great way to get new ideas of products or services you can offer your customers.



Customizable Chat Windows

Easily upload your logo so your brand can be seen during your client’s chat experience.

Optionally upload your support agent’s picture, giving your customers a more personal experience.



Works With Most Wireless Providers In The United States And Canada

To see if Instant Live Help will work on your cell phone, and to see it in action, start the Free Demo Chat.



Transfer Chats To Your Desktop

If you happen to be at a computer when a chat starts, you can easily transfer the conversation to your desktop. No additional software required.
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